My Three Tier Wedding Cake

by Scott
(Westland, Michigan, United States)

Three Tier Wedding Cake

Three Tier Wedding Cake

My wife and I spent a lot of time looking through magazines. I honestly did not care what type of cake we purchased, but she wanted my opinion. My biggest thought was that it would be nice to have a layered cake as opposed to a tall one piece cake.

We bought the cake from a local store near my house. My father used to work as a grocery store manager, and we went through one of his former bakers. This baker went on to create her own independent store.

The cake served 250 people. However, we did need to cut the pieces pretty small to serve all of the people.

The cake cost about $500. I should note that we received a bit of a deal because we knew the baker. The cake would have been about $575 if we did not receive this deal.

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