My Square Three Tier Wedding Cake

by Sarah H.

Square Three Tier Wedding Cake

Square Three Tier Wedding Cake

I chose a square three tier cake for my wedding cake. It was square shaped and very simple. I chose this style because it suited the style of my wedding. My mother made it so that cut a lot of costs.

It was a traditional fruit cake with Almond icing, and a miniature bride and groom on top. My mother got the bride and groom from a shop in Christchurch, New Zealand. I had approximately 100 guests at the wedding and there was plenty of cake left - we could have just had two tiers and that would have been enough!

I am not sure how much it cost to make this cake but the costs involved were:

a) the ingredients
b) the decorations; the bride and groom and ribbon for around the cake
c) The cost of hiring the cake tins (also from the same shop as the bride and groom)

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