My Son's 2 Year Old "He's All Boy" Cake

by Jessica S.
(Hurricane, WV)

Tristan And His Cake

Tristan And His Cake

I wanted a very special cake for my son's 2nd birthday becuase he was so sick on his first birthday he didnt even try his cake, let alone enjoy any of it.

He was so into trucks and his sand box and wanting to be a firefighter like his daddy by this point that I came up with the idea.

First I took a cake in a 3-D teddy bear pan and then modified it by cutting off the ears and snout. I then made the cake into a cartoon like depiction of my son, using his eye color and hair ( or lack of hair on this one) and icing on clothing that looked like the clothes we were going to have him wear for his party, like his Scooby Doo shoes and his favorite denim overalls.

Then I took a large foil roasting pan and filled the bottom of it with graham cracker crumbs to resemble sand. I then took pieces of candy clay I bought from the party supply store and molded items like bugs and snakes to add to the pretend sand (this is where a husband comes in handy making realistic bugs).

We also put a few of his cars in the box and some candy cars we found at the store. I also found a teddy bear of his and used the firefighter hat the bear had that looked like my son's firefighter hat.

The cake went over great. I cant count how many comments I got on the cake, but I do remember my son's face when he saw it. He didnt know what to think about the little boy playing in the sandbox, pretending to be a firefighter with his trucks and bugs.

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