My Sally Fallon Cake

by Amanda G.
(Charleston, SC)

Sally Fallon Cake

Sally Fallon Cake

This is what I call my Sally Fallon Cake. Out of the cook book, Nourishing Tradition, this carrot cake is made with spelt flour that is soaked in buttermilk overnight. Packed with rapadura, pineapple, nuts, coconuts and of course carrots. The icing, made of butter, honey and cream cheese is heavenly. This cake is heavy, filing and satisfying... never ever causes a belly ache that so many store cakes do.

To celebrate my love for my son (and now daughter too) nothing but the best, with the most love in it, will do. This cake comes out on top with taste, nutrition and love. I trimmed the cake with carrot sticks. The year he turned one I used whole pecans.

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