My Mother's Fruitcake Christmas

by Lori Moradi

When mentioning fruitcake around our house during the holidays, one is apt to be met with sighs, rolling eyes and groans. How could a common holiday treat get such a response you might ask? Let me tell you why.

Parents are sometimes the hardest people to buy a gift for, as any kid can tell you. One year when asked what she would like for Christmas, my mother answered “fruitcake.” That year, all six kids, the neighbors, and (some assorted in-laws) all gifted my parents with every kind of fruitcake that can be imagined. (That’s what happens when you are specific about what you want, sometimes). Small cakes, cakes soaked in various types of alcohol, cakes with nuts and with out. Moist cakes, dry cakes, cakes with various types of fruit, beautifully wrapped, some with fancy bows, all piled on my parents hall table.

Now, practical woman that my mother was, she knew she would never be able to sample them all, so she did the best she could think of without being “wasteful.” She rewrapped and re-bowed and added cards, then they were all sent out as “re-gifted items” except one which was served at Christmas Eve dinner. Year after year, the fruitcakes have been coming and going, gifted and re-gifted, for the last 15 years.

My mother passed away awhile back, and every year since that fruitcake Christmas, (as it became known in family history) each time I pass a holiday fruitcake display, I always think of that special Christmas and the memories that my mother created.

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Dec 10, 2007
by: Anonymous

What a lovely way to remember your Mom!

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