My Little Pony Cake

"Marissa's Mom made this darling
My Little Pony cake for her birthday!"


My Little Pony Cake

My daughter wanted a My Little Pony themed party for her 4th birthday, so I was inspired to bake the cake myself. 

The only problem was that I really didn't have any idea to go on. I went with a "whatever happens" attitude because I had not formed any visual for this cake. 

I baked a 9x13 inch cake and cut about 3-4 inches off one end and placed it on top of the larger layer. 

I then iced the cake with white icing and sprayed it with pink and purple edible colored spray I purchased from Michaels. 

I bought a birthday set of smaller sized My Little Ponies and placed them on the cake. 

I also used rainbow colored twizzlers to form a rainbow path leading from the bottom of the cake to the top where I had placed the birthday presents (included in the set). 

I then placed a pony to walk on the rainbow path to get to her birthday presents. 

The cake was so cute and all the children loved it.

This beautiful birthday cake was sent in by Laurie J.

Many thanks! 


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