My Grandmother's Christmas Fruit Cake

by Shashank
(Delhi, India)

I was in grade 7 at that time and it was Christmas time. Christmas would mean lots of gifts, chocolates and of course the famous Christmas cake. My grandmother was in the kitchen making the dough for fruit cake. By her side were a bowl full of fruits and raisins, cashew nuts and cherries. I could not resist the temptation of sneaking into the kitchen and grabbing a hand full of those yummy delicacies.

When it grew dark and my grandma went to arrange our rooms, we sneaked into the kitchen and filled our pockets with raisins, fruits, cashew nuts etc. and disappeared from there. When the dinner arrived and when we were sitting at the table, my grandma came and smiled at us, knowing very well what we had done.

I love fruit cakes and especially the one which could never be made by my sweet grandmother.

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