My Grandma's Fruitcake

by Gretchen
(Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

I love fruitcake, but only the fruitcake my grandmother used to make that my mom now makes because my grandmother is no longer able to make due to advanced Alzheimer's. It is just a little bit of cake batter, just enough to hold together walnuts, brazil nuts, candied red cherries, and dates. It's best sliced very thinly and top with a little dollop of homemade whipped cream with vanilla.

I ate this fruitcake all the time at Christmas when I was growing up, but I can't enjoy it anymore because my mouth and tongue start to itch whenever I eat anything with walnuts or brazil nuts in it. I plan to try making it with pecans and hazelnuts this year, and maybe figs instead of dates, I'm not sure. I'll definitely keep the candied cherries though, they were always my favorite part!

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