My Fruitcake Experiences

by Jessica S.
(Hurricane, WV)

My first experience with fruitcake as a child was not good. Somebody had sent my grandmother a fruitcake right before Christmas. When she brought it out I was pretty eager to try it, after all it had the word cake in it. She sliced me some of the cake and I sat down with my plate. I could not figure out what the strong scent from the cake was so I took a bite. The next thing I knew my mouth was on fire and my throat was burning.

I came to find out that my granmother had the theory that when you got a fruitcake, you needed to soak it in the strongest liquor you have. In this case she had come across some Jack Daniels and drenched the poor cake in it. I have not to this day taken another piece of cake of any kind that my grandmother has offered me.

I have since then tasted other fruitcakes. One that my friend had made that she poured brandy on everyday for 2 weeks before anyone could try it. It was another fire burner on the throat, but with more taste than my grandmother's Jack Daniel's special.

I have come across a fruitcake cookie called Texas Lizzie's that I love. I am still on the search for a fruitcake that I actually could sit down and eat a whole slice of.

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