My First Wedding Cake Ever

by Rebecca Pratt

My First Wedding Cake Ever

My First Wedding Cake Ever

I had sticker shock with all the wedding cake prices this week. I have 2 daughters getting married 1 week apart and I am having to cut corners wherever I can. I have never made a wedding cake but after watching a few youtube videos I was inspired to make a demo cake to see if I could really do this.

My one daughter who still lives with us was not very encouraging, but despite the nay sayers around me, I made the first 2 tiers to show that I could. The picture I am enclosing is my demo cake I made. I was happy with the results and am excited to do the real thing in 2 weeks for the one and 3 weeks from now the other. I will keep you posted.

I mainly am posting this to encourage those who are thinking of doing this to Go for it! Do not listen to the nay sayers. It really is a lot of fun if you relax and just enjoy the process.

I did this in about 3 hours is all. I bought the pans at Michaels and a floating tier stand at Michaels too.

Editor's Note: Very nicely done, Rebecca. Our readers will be looking forward to seeing the upcoming cakes!

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