My First And Last Fruitcake Baking Experience

by Carol
(Berkeley Springs, WV)

The first Christmas with my husband was quite interesting. He always liked fruitcakes and decided we should make a bunch for everyone that we knew. I told him that not everyone liked fruitcakes as much as he did. He would hear none of that.

He searched for the perfect recipe and gathered all the expensive ingredients. Of course this was his project but I ended up doing most of the work. It was quite a process of aging and pouring brandy over the cakes periodically. If I remember correctly we started making these cakes about a month before Christmas. Everyone in our family got fruitcakes that year whether they wanted them or not.

At that time we lived in an apartment and my husband's cousin lived upstairs, so of course she received one our famous fruitcakes.

One morning about a week or so after Christmas my husband was taking trash out to the dumpster. There on top of the dumpster was the fruitcake that we had given to his cousin upstairs!

The moral of this story is that if you love fruitcakes so be it, not everyone does! Do not give them as gifts; let the people that like them buy them!

I think my husband learned his lesson that year. He still enjoys fruitcake but realizes that not everyone else does. He has never suggested making and giving them as gifts again, thank goodness!!

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