My Favorite Treat

by Fran
(Federal Way, WA)

First of all let me begin by saying that I am the only person I know who loves fruitcake. My dad used to but he is not longer with us. I have been known to beg shamelessly for someone to give me a fruitcake for Christmas. I send my husband web sites that advertise fruitcakes all the time.

Years ago I worked at a place and the owner belonged to the Kiwanis Club. They had a fundraiser selling fruitcakes and he bought one for all of the employees. Everyone was so disgusted but then the word got out that there was actually one crazy lady in one of the offices who loved fruitcakes. I can honestly say that that was one of my happiest Christmases. I had 6 fruitcakes to enjoy throughout the year!

I used to say that I never met a fruitcake that I didn't love but there really are some not-so-good ones out there. I love the ones with candied fruit and nuts - but don't cut the pieces too big or you can't taste the cake.

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