My Awesome Wedding Cake

by Jenna

My Awesome Wedding Cake

My Awesome Wedding Cake

My husband and I went to bridal shows and got names of cake shops. Then, we set up appointments and looked at cake books and got ideas for what we were looking for. I also researched "unique wedding cakes" in online search engines. When we saw a cake like this one we loved it because it was different, and it also gave us the chance to personalize it with any colors we wanted without it looking ridiculous!

We bought it from Say It With Cake, in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It was supposed to serve I think 85-95 guests but we had quite a few people who did not eat the cake. I am not sure how large it was.

The cost for the cake was I think about $390. We also bought a sheet cake too, but that was I think around $70 so it was very affordable.

The owner of the Say It With Cake shop is amazing! She is very personable, and she delivers the cake herself on your wedding day so that she is positive that it gets there absolutely perfect.

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