My 3 Year Old Son's Dinosaur Birthday Cake

by Shayla
(Miami, FL, USA)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I decided that it would be more fun to bake my son's brithday cake myself than to go out and buy one simply because I know exactly what he likes.

There were no special pans used just a traditional round baking pan. I cut the cake in half and added icing to the middle, put the cake back together and iced the top and sides. Before doing that I decided to take the white icing and change the colors of the icing so I wouldn't have to buy 4 different tubes of icing.

I decorated the cake and went in the dollar store and found a package of small dinosaurs, which is something that I know my son loves besides trains.

The actual cake was made from the funfetti cake mix and my son had a ball picking the colors out of the cake before devouring it. I enjoyed making it and he was so surprised to wake up to a beautiful birthday cake that I made.

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