Mouth Watering Sour Cake

by Zechariah
(Mhow, Indore (India))

It is enough buying, on my child's birthday, often I used to buy readymade cakes, but this time , I prepared the cake myself, which really gave the guests a mouth watering sour taste.

The child was 7 yrs old.

I purchased a special pan to prepare the cake.

The ingredients required are as follows:

(a) floor half kg
(b) sugar half kg
(c) Lemon 5 Nos
(d) cashew, dry fruits and tuty fruty all mixed in wine and to be preserved in a air tight bottle at least 1 week before preparation.
(e) six eggs
(f) Essence/vanila rose water on as required basis
(g) ghee/butter as required

Put all together in a bowl mix by hand and pour the contents in baking vessel and keep in oven adjust the timing.

Your mouth watering cake is prepared within 45 minutes.

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