Motorcycle Cake Pan

"Having a specialty cake
is sure to delight him or her!"


Been searching for a motorcycle cake pan?

Then search no more!  Don't burn a nickel's worth of gas or waste another minute of your time.  Why, because you can get one with the click of a mouse on eBay.  

While this item is somewhat rare, there are usually a small number of them available on eBay.  

Be prepared to pay up for one if you want it.  

The good thing is that once the birthday is over, you can re-sell the item on eBay.  You should be able to get what you paid for it.  

Check out the list of auctions below to see how many of these items are available.  Bookmark this page (press Control plus the letter D) and you will be able to come back and check to see what's available whenever you want.

Happy bidding!

If the birthday boy or girl is having a different theme for this year's party, search for other shaped cake pans just by typing in its name in the eBay form above. 

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