Monk's Fruitcake Recipe

Looking for a Monk's fruitcake recipe for the holidays? Here are some places you can research to find out what they are made of. Just Google any of them to find their website.

Trappist monks in the Ozark foothills of Missouri perhaps make the most famous one called Assumption Abbey Fruitcakes.

Gethsemani Farms in central Kentucky has been around since 1848, when 44 Trappist monks moved there from the Abbey of Melleray in western France. The monks support themselves through their mail-order sales of cheese, fruitcakes and their famous bourbon fudge.

The monks of the Holy Cross Abbey reside in the Shenandoah Valley in the community of Berryville, Virginia. The have an interesting mixture of products, including fruitcakes, honeys, fraters (slices of their fruitcake smothered in dark chocolate), and truffles.

The Monastery of the Holy Spririt is in Conyesrs, Georgia. Their most popular products are the Gourmet 1 pound Fruitcake and the Monk's Fudge 12 oz. Chocolate Fudge Boxed.

The Abbey of the Genesee are in Piffard, New York. Besides fruitcakes, they are also famous for their Monk's Bread and even had to open a special website for it to keep up with the demand.

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