Monkey Cake Pan

"You can create a memorable cake
for your child's next birthday!"


Looking for a monkey cake pan?

The live eBay auctions further down on this page usually feature a cute Wilton pan in this shape.  It will usually have icing instructions that depict the monkey holding three balloons that are colored yellow, blue and red.  You can color them with your child's favorite colors (or perhaps their school colors).    

By using eBay you will:

  • Save time because it will just take minutes to locate and purchase this item (especially if you use the Buy It Now feature).
  • Save gas money because the car stays in the garage when you shop the more efficient way: online.
  • Be able to re-sell the item on eBay if you are only making the cake once. 

Find one you like, make sure the seller has good ratings, and make a bid now!  

First-time users of eBay can register free.  


Money Saver: Use the eBay search box above to check the prices on other items.     

Here are some online sites with this item:

  • Google Shopping had this pan readily available from several retailers like Shop Bakers Nook and Country Kitchen USA for around $12.99.  Although that is generally more than the eBay "Buy It Now" prices, you might be able to find some at these online retailers with lower shipping prices.

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