Mom's fruit cake

by Michael
(Grand Forks, ND)

Well ahh geez Woofy I was hoping you'd ask. Mom's fruit cake is an applesauce cake base with dried fruit mix in it but then it has walnuts and cherries and raisins, dates and things I can't spell. In many ways it's like a trail mix of sorts mixed into a cake. No chocolate chips though.

Some folks soak the cakes in rum for preserving. I've had some I swear would test 100 proof. I don't care for these but I'm probably just used to my mothers.

The neat thing and probably one reason why fruitcakes are picked on so badly is there are so many variations. There are no hard and fast rules about what is right. Just what you prefer. I've had several and some are really bad. Others are great. It depends on your tastebuds. The thing is once you find the right combo you could live on it for days if you had to.

I will be carrying a fruitcake in my sledbag during the mid distance Beargrease race. We may come in dead last but at least we'll come in well fed.

My grandma makes a MEAN fruitcake and I eat it all the time on the holidays and it is really healthy. The best fruit cake is the one my girl friend makes. I dont know much bout fruitcake,
But it does make sense that fruitcake would be a good mushing food. It's dense, packed with vitamins from all the fruit, and is high in calories! Well its like a sweet bread/cake that has pieces of dried fruits and sometimes nust in it.

Most people tend to eat it around the holidays.

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