Mom loves fruitcakes - no one else does!

by Dave
(Dallas, TX)

Every year my mother gets at leat 3 fruitcakes as gifts from friends and family and sometimes as many as 7. She refuses to part with any of them when she gets them and to this day she has a storage for her fruitcakes.

The odd thing is she really does love fruitcake and eats a small piece every evening with her tea but at last count she hasnt been able to make a dent in her collection of cakes mainly because she has over 75 stored over the years and no one else will join her in this nightly ritual of hers. My siblings have asked her friends and relatives to stop with the fruitcakes this holiday season but knowing her, if she doesnt get her cake this Christmas she will probably go out and buy her own.

It is a bit odd isnt it to keep them so long? I know they are good quality cakes and she does store them properly but at some point isnt this a little bit too much? I figure we ought to just let her keep her tradition going but it is getting a little weird.

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