Moldy Fruitcake

by Erin

To tell the truth I have never even tried fruit cake. When the word fruit cake is said the only thing that pops in my mind is a vision of a dried out pound cake with pieces of dried fruit and nasty nuts.

Here's the reason for my diversion to fruitcake: When I was a young child my great grandmother lived alone in her house up north. It was a tradition that the whole family got together for Christmas at her house. One year my brother and I were playing in her spare bedroom. As we were digging through the drawers for toys, in the very back of one of the drawers we found a plastic bag with a date on it (the previous years date), whatever was inside the bag was fuzzy. Being young and not knowing any better we opened the bag to get a better look. Needless to say, it was not a good was a fruitcake that one of my uncles had hidden the year before so that it would not be placed on the table with the rest of the food.

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