Minnie Mouse Cake Pan

"Minnie first appeared in the 
1928 film Steamboat Willie!"


Are you looking for a Minnie Mouse cake pan?

The character, whose favorite sayings include, "Why, Hello!" and "Aren't you Sweet," appeared in 73 Disney cartoons with Mickey and Pluto.   

If your little girl wants a cake depicting her and you want to save time and gas trying to find a pan, we suggest bidding for one on eBay.

Although the are a little scarce, there are usually some for sale at the auction giant's website.  

You should be able to pick one up that was made by Wilton, so you know it will be a quality one.

After her birthday, you can put it up for sale on eBay and get your money back. 

Good luck in your bidding!

If you are looking for other shaped cake pans, just type in the kind in the form above. 

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