Mini Roses Cupcake Wedding Cake

by Karin
(Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)

Mini Roses Cupcake Wedding Cake

Mini Roses Cupcake Wedding Cake

We decided to do a cupcake wedding cake because we were doing a DIY wedding, and didn't want to have to get somebody to cut the cake. We then found the mini-bundt cake rose pans, and decided to do a stack of rose-shaped mini-cakes.

My mom and I made them ourselves, about a week or two before the wedding. They went into the freezer after they cooled, and we transported the frozen cakes to the venue, and then drizzled them with glaze once they were set up on the stand.

There were about 130 mini cakes on the stand. Each mini cake was probably about twice the size of a normal cake slice.

The cake itself cost us about $25, and the stand was about $30.

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