Mike's MotoCross Cake

by Lee L.
(Troupsburg, NY, USA)

Mike's Motocross Cake

Mike's Motocross Cake

Mike has been riding motocross since he got to be tall enough to reach the footpegs, so it made sense to celebrate his favorite sport along with his 19th birthday, as his category was upgraded to correspond with the larger bike he was getting for his birthday! His favorite cake is chocolate, so of course, I started by baking a 9"x12" chocolate sheet cake, and centered it (flat side up) on a foil-covered cardboard.

I found a clear photo in one of Mike's magazines, and traced the picture's outlines onto wax paper, using piping gel. Then I flipped the wax paper over and pressed it lightly onto my crumb-frosted chocolate cake. (For beginners, that's the light coating of icing that seals in the cake's crumbs before you start to decorate.)

After peeling away the wax paper, I then used various decorator tips to "color in" my picture, creating nubby tires with tiny blobs of frosting. The rigid parts of the bike and the rider's helmet were given a shine by brushing corn syrup over the still-soft icing. His jacket was smoothed using milk and a soft brush. A small leaf tip provided a grassy background texture, and a basket weave tip made fence rails around the sides of the cake. I got the look of flying dirt beneath the wheels of the bike using light brown sugar. A simple shell border sealed the edges of the cake to the foil-covered cake board.

Mike and his buddies loved it!

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