Mickey Mouse Cake

by Ahmet
(Bronx, NY)

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

My son was turning 4 when my family made me get the cable service back (I disconnected it, so we would watch less TV, have more famiy time). Anyway, my son got to discover the Disney Channel world. He LOVED the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we agreed to have a Club House birthday party.

The cake was chocolate, with mickey Mouse decoration on it. Since we had 30 some people over, we emptied the living room an turned it in to a MMCH scene. I got scene setters from the party store -they were originally for Pooh, but did the trick for us.

I tried to draw Mickey Mouse out of frosting to practice before the big day, but it did not come out well, and we were concerned of the colorings. I went to a bakery and asked them if they could transfer an image on a sugar sheet for me. They can do that, so with this we reduced the colorings and got a professional immage.

I took the printed sugar sheet home the day before the party, and kept it in a plastic bag so it would not dry out. We had to have enough cake for a lot of peole, so I went to a local ethnic Albanian (I think Greeks have it too)store, and got their biggest "pite" pan. I made three layers of cake with this pan.

Pillsbury sells a cake mix, that looks like it has confetti in it. It comes out super moist and delicious. One box, was one layer of the cake, so it took 3 boxes. They have a matching frosting with sugar edible confetti to put on top of the cake. I frosted the cake, cut out mickey from the sugar sheet, with a super sharp carving knife, and placed him on one side, while I wrote on the other side with frosting using simple decorator kit. We placed the cake on the bottom of pizzaboxes covered with red wrapping paper, threw confetti on top of it, and the kids loved it... It was gone fast.

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