Mickey Mouse Cake Pan

"This popular Disney character made his 
first appearance in 1928!"


Searching for a Mickey Mouse cake pan?

They are still immensely popular after all these years.  Instead of wasting time and gas running around to see if any of your local stores have this popular character cake pan, just place a bid for one on eBay.

There are always dozens of them available on the world's largest auction website.  

Sellers are offering full-face pans and ones depicting the complete body.

They are all made by Wilton and there are often some rare ones available.

For something that you will probably only use one time, eBay is the way to go.  Once you are finished with it, you can even sell it to someone else on eBay.  There is always a lot of demand for this popular product, so we hope that you win your bid!

If you need it right away, just find an auction with the "Buy It Now" button.  Even though you might pay a little more, you will probably save time and get your item quicker.

If you want to check out other character cake pans, just type them in the form above. 

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