Merry Christmas Times Two

by Eric
(Savannah, GA)

We all indulge in fruitcake. We indulge the cake, the myth, and the laughter. I am no exception. A few years back our company was taken over by a fickle older couple that loved to crash the holiday spirits. Our energetic young bunch had our paid days cut and instead of a bonus, we got the worst gift of all. The gift was a Texas Manor Fruit Cake Ring. Now don’t go on believing that only homemade fruit cake is bad, commercial fruitcake is even worse.

When I say worse, I mean it doesn’t even have the redeeming value of the effort put into a homemade horrible fruit cake. We thought long and hard about how to make a statement with our fruit cakes. A lot of ideas were great, but most involved felonies. We ended up gifting all our fruitcake, more than 60, to the local food bank. Our good deed went with a Xmas Card from our company and new bosses.

I am not sure if they ever received a thank you card, it was never mentioned again.

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