Mermaid Cake Pan


Have you been trying to find a mermaid cake pan?

You can get one here without leaving your computer because the (live and current) eBay auctions that are shown below usually has a good supply of them, including, Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Be sure to find one with icing instructions so you can make her a perfect birthday cake that she will always remember.  

When you use eBay for this you will save 3 ways:

  • You'll save time 'cause it just takes minutes to locate and bid on the item you want.
  • You'll save gas money compared to riding around looking at garage sales or at the local stores.
  • You'll be able to re-sell the item on eBay after her party to recoup some of your money. 

Check out the auctions make a bid now!

If this is your first eBay experience you will be happy to learn that registration is easy and free.  


Smart Shopping Tip: Be sure to search eBay for any other items you want to get at low prices.     

To help compare prices versus the eBay auctions, here are some other websites that carry this item:

  • Birthday Direct has one for $8.59. 
  • Other sites on Google Shopping had this pan from $11.99 and up.


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