Me And The Fruitcake

by Patricia
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Hmm. Well keeping in mind that we're going to differentiate between fruitcakes that I know and fruitcakes that I've tasted...

My grandmother bought a fruitcake at Christmas every year. No one in the family ever ate them but her, but she persisted in trying to get us to eat or taste them. And every year we made little faces and tried not to hurt her feelings. It seemed that the more fruit they had the more she liked them, and that made it worse for us (my brothers and I).

But now, I find, the worst has happened. I, the perennial hater of all things fruitcake...

Like them!!!

Sigh. It must mean that I'm an old lady now. Though if I am, I'd be glad to be one like my grandma.

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