Mam Maw's Fruit Cake Season

by Shannon
(Atlanta, GA)

When I was little my great grandmother was the fruit cake queen. Her table was always full of dried fruit and nuts. The smell at first would be nice, but after a few months - the smell could choke a goat.

Mixing, baking, wrapping all day long. Fruit cake was on the tree, the table, a dessert on the table. We all knew that the small tissue paper package was our very own fruit cake with our initial in candied cherries on top.

Poor Mam Maw, she worked so hard not knowing that it grossed everyone out. We said "thank you" for the cake but tossed it when we pulled over for gas so the smell would not linger in the car.

Now I would love to get a tissue wrapped fruit cake from her, however, I would still toss it out ASAP!

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