Made together with fun and love

by Paula

My oldest child has always showed an interest in cooking. When his third birthday came around he wanted to make his own cake! I decided this would be a great opportunity for a craft. I pulled out my cook book and found a simple recipe for a white cake. I made my list and together we shopped for the ingredients plus white canned frosting. On the morning of his birthday we followed the instructions and as a last step we added food coloring to make the cake green. Together we poured it out and I baked it in a rectangular glass pan.

While the cake baked we decided on the frosting color. Being a three year old he could not make up his mind so we made half the frosting green and half blue. I let him frost the cake with a little help from me. Next, in the requested red icing, I wrote "Happy Birthday Drew" with a "#3" in the middle.

He enjoyed his homemade cake so much it has become a tradition with all three kids to design and make a simple cake and decorate as desired. The cakes may not be worthy of a photo spread in a Martha Stewart magazine but to our family they are the most beautiful cakes ever. Friends who have celebrated with us have asked their parents if they can make their own cake rather than get a store bought cake.

My son turns seven next month and is already talking to me about how he wants to make his cake. I can't wait!

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