Mackenzie's Polka Dot Looking Cake

by Michelle Goff

Polka Dot Looking Cake

Polka Dot Looking Cake

My best girl friend's daughter's 16 birthday was coming up and at the last minute, she decided she wanted a layered polka dot looking cake. The bakeries around here all wanted over $100.00 to make one.

So, my friend and I started baking. We baked 6 layers in 9 inch pans. We leveled them off with a knife and crumb coated each layer. We then cut some of the layers into smaller circles.

We used some piping and candies for decoration, along with some of Mackenzie's favorite colors for icing. We did use a high humidity icing recipe for stiffness.

We spent $30.00 for this cake, but Mackenzie's happiness was worth a million!

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