M & M Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

by Donna
(Plainfield, Il. United States)

M & M Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

M & M Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

My son was ready to enjoy his 4th birthday! A few days before his big day he asked for a cake made with ice cream. Well knowing the costs of cakes at bakeries these days I decided to make one at home since we already spent so much on his birthday.

I started with a double layer 13” x 9” devil’s food cake. After baking and allowing the cake to completely cool, I took a generous amount of his favorite chocolate chip ice cream and placed it as a filler layer in between the two devil's food cake layers. To top things all off I frosted the whole cake with fudge frosting and did a quick but simple personalization using M & M’s to finish the cake off.

This whole final assembly process was done rather quickly so the ice cream would not melt and was placed in the freezer for 24 hrs prior to his big day!

The cake was a success and all the kids loved the cake. The best of both worlds in one slice, chocolate cake and ice cream! This was a rather inexpensive project costing no more than $10 to make. I can’t wait until his 5th birthday to do another cake.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing all the details about how you made this great cake, Donna. You are going to inspire other moms to make a cake like this for their children's birthdays.

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