Lucious Spring Lemon Rasberry Bouquet

by Geren
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Lemon Rasberry Cake With Basketweave Design

Lemon Rasberry Cake With Basketweave Design

Imagine a simple cake that defines the height of spring and joins two lives together in a delicious way. That is just one way to describe our wedding cake from last May. Always be sure to give your business to a local bakery, as they will be able to treat you with the kind of personal service you deserve for your big day.

We had a small crowd, only about twenty five guests, but this was more than enough cake to feed an army. At ten inches by ten inches, with a height of four inches, we had lots of yummy and meaningful cake to enjoy.

We started with a most and delicious lemon curd sheet cake, sliced into three layers. The layers were filled with slightly sweet, slightly tart rasberry preserves. The entire cake was robed in candied lemon rind based buttercream frosting. A lovely basketweave design brought the sides of the piece together, making for a true work of art. But, the masterpiece of the entire cake was the blueberry, strawberry, rasberry tilework pattern that graced the top of the cake.

Chocolate can be overwhelming with a rich Italian meal, as we had, so this cake was light and refreshing. Whatever you do, don't get a white cake with white frosting. It's your special day, go crazy, and go tasty!

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