Lost Cakes

by Hannah
(Fraser, Colorado)

Fruitcakes in our household get lost. This might sound strange, particularly for a household such as ours the loves the fruitcake so much, but it happens all too often.

The end of August is Fruitcake baking time and there will be two or three cakes baked in one go. We’ll make one big one to do as a Christmas cake and two others for any other purpose (there’s never a shortage of purposes, birthdays, christenings, leaving parties, engagements etc).

Between buying the ingredients and baking them it’s a weekend job that ties up the kitchen all of Sunday and in particular the oven. It’s always sandwiches for dinner when the fruitcakes are being baked. Once cooled the cakes are wrapped up in grease-proof paper and foil and sealed in old biscuit tins to be left on the tops of the kitchen cupboards to get good and fruity.

This is when they manage to get lost. They’ll be joined over the next few months by Christmas puddings and other goodies and somehow we never remember how many we baked originally. A tin has many a time been presumed to be empty, only to reveal a long lost fruitcake upon opening. It’s a good thing it takes so long for them to go mouldy, we gave one of the re-discovered ones to my Gran once for her birthday. She commented on how delicious and moist it was. We didn’t mention that it was over eighteen months old as it might have put her off. It was a good cake though.

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