Like to play in mud? Make him a dirt cake!

What inspired my husband and I to make this cake, was that our son was endlessly playing in the dirt with his trucks. Boys!

He had turned 7, and I had run across a recipe to make a "dirt" cake. This resembled a mound of dirt (chocolate of course) with "worms" burrowing through. His friends loved it, he was thrilled with the worms, and we decorated the top with a myriad of small bulldozers and trucks.

While I don't have a photo of that particular cake, simply entering it as a search term should bring it up for you.

Wha'ts delightful about this one, is it requires NO baking skills..hehe!

Get the following ingredients..

1. A package of Oreo cookies.
2. A tub of cool whip or whipped cream.
3. Gummy worms
4. Milk (for pudding)
5. Instant pudding mix. (We used chocolate)

To begin, freeze the cookies overnight so they crumble up easier the next day. You can crush these by hand or in a blender to make your "dirt."

Mix your pudding and add the whipped cream to it for a milky swirly look.

Put the "dirt" oreo on the bottom of a pan and add a layer of pudding/whipped cream mud. Add gummy worms across the top.

Repeat the layers as many times as you like depending on how many ingrediants you bought.

Put the cake into the refrigerator to cool down and firm up for at least an hour, preferably two, and enjoy!

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