Lightning McQueen Cake

by Kendra J. Frances
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Lightning McQueen Cake

Lightning McQueen Cake

A co-worker asked me to make a cake for her 7 year old son because she knew I did a little experimenting with cake decorating. She asked for Lightning McQueen and I was so happy to oblige. I used the Wilton Lightning McQueen pan, which I already had.

For the cake on bottom, I used a square pan (it came in a set of three by Wilton). First I frosted the entire cake with layer butter cream icing. I did a thin layer on top since it would be covered with more icing later.

Then I cut a cake board in the shape of the car. Following the instructions, I decorated the car. I used black fondant and white buttercream icing to created the checkered part of the cake. White fondant would have been easier but, I didn't have any prepared. To smooth the white squares, I used my finger dipped in water. Or you can dip your finger in cornstarch.

I covered just about half of the cake. Then I sat the car in the middle on top of the cake. Once the car was in place, I used tip 18 and buttercream frosting to make the grass. Last but not least, I finished up with a shell border. My co-worker said the cake was a hit!

Editor's Note: That's a fantastic cake, Kendra. Thanks for sharing the picture and the very helpful information about how you created it.

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