Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes Cake

by Oona
(Portland, Oregon)

For my daughter's four year old birthday, I decided to make cupcakes and stagger them to form one big cake. Kids love cupcakes and parents love the ease of not having to cut individual slices when there are 18 hungry four year olds waiting!

I followed an easy Martha Stewart Vanilla Cupcake recipe. I made my own buttercream frosting and mixed in lemon curd to give it an extra zing! I split the cupcakes in half and spread fresh raspberry preserves in the middle.

Each cupcake was topped with a fresh raspberry and I used 2 24-cupcake tiers made by Wilton to display them. I also had 24 extra mini cupcakes on a tray for younger siblings and parents.

The cupcakes were gone in two seconds! The simple but gourmet flavors were a big hit and they were easy to make!

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