Lee And Jon's Homemade Wedding Cake

by Lee L.
(Troupsburg, NY, USA)

Homemade Wedding Cake

Homemade Wedding Cake

As a cake baker/decorator myself, I was delighted when my adorable future mother-in-law offered to help me make my wedding cake for our planned wedding backyard barbecue!

So the day before the wedding, Mom came over and arrived just as I was taking the last of the hexagonal cake layers from the oven. I'd purchased the hexagonal 4-tier pan set several years earlier, but had never used them yet, so decided my very own cake was the perfect time to use them. The bottom layer was chocolate cake, and all the others were yellow cake.

It was the last few days of August, and summer was asserting its grip with temperatures in the high 90's. Mom and I both prefer buttercream frosting, and we soon realized we were going to have some problems as my crumb coat began to slide in the heat! We stiffened the icing with extra confectioners sugar and a touch of cornstarch, and found it held up better. We also turned on some fans, which helped keep the decorators from melting!

Mom was more skilled with making flowers, so she assumed the chore of making flowers that would hold their shape. As she shaped each one, it was gently transfered to the freezer to set. Predictably, several didn't survive the transfer, so it was lucky Mom made so many extras!

Meanwhile, I covered the tops of the layers with Cornelli Lace, drawn with my smallest round decorator tip. I assembled the layers and drew on vines and leaves, so Mom's premade flowers could be set into their places later. Tiny garlands of white were draped down the sides of the layers.

The heat once again threatened the frosting's ability to hold the layers in place, so I slid plastic rods through the layers to stabilize them. A platform of waxed cardboard was under the top layer, and the tips of the rods took the weight of it so it wouldn't crush into the layer below it. I have a decorator tip my mom had purchased years before that makes a lovely ribbon scallop at the same time as a shell border, and I used that last, around the top and bottom edge of each layer. Due to the heat, my wonderful next door neighbor volunteered space in her refrigerator to keep my cake unmolested and unmelted until the reception the next day!

Just as we finished up, my darling hubby-to-be arrived with his surprise. He'd been shopping and had spotted a figurine of bride and groom teddy bears, with a plaque he'd had engraved with our names and the wedding date. Amazingly, the base of the figurine was shaped perfectly to match the shape of my cake layers, and he had not known which pans I'd be using! How's that for miraculous! So that was his contribution to our home-baked wedding cake! So many of our guests were amazed that Mom and I had made our own cake, with the cake topper such a perfect match!

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