Las Vegas Wedding On A Budget

by Sarah
(Mesa, AZ USA)

Small White Wedding Cake

Small White Wedding Cake

My niece, Jennifer was married on March 8, 2008 in Las Vegas. Her ceremony was beautiful, her cake was delicious!

We did this all on a strict budget. Jen and Chris paid for most of their own wedding and we, as a family, helped with food and the cost of the cake. It was beautifully designed with flowers on a classic white canvas!

It was a small wedding cake, for a small wedding. It was just the right size and accented the Unity candles and setting very well.

Her cake was a vanilla cake, as requested. She just wanted plain and simple. Also, something that wouldn't stain her gorgeous dress! It had detailed ornate icing beads on it as well as some decorative piping. It was gorgeous, I can't say that enough!

I don't have a picture of my wedding cake on my computer, but mine was a chocolate cake with hazelnut cream filling with a classic white fondant and fresh peach and lavender roses with ornate piping. There were no tier shelves for my cake. It was just dowels with layers on top of each other. It was very pretty as well.

I've attached a picture of Jen's cake. It's the best one that we have.

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