Lacy Cat Wedding Cake

by Sarah
(Kingwood, Texas)

Lacy Cat Wedding Cake

Lacy Cat Wedding Cake

My Maid of Honor and best friend decided on how to make this wedding cake. I simply asked for a white round cake that is three layers tall.

My Maid of Honor made this cake with her mom who used to make wedding cakes for friends.

I don't have exact measurements, but it did serve nearly 100 guests.

I am not sure how much it cost since it was a gift, but I'm sure it didn't cost more than $30 including all materials and ingredients.

This cake is adorned with blonde cats made of frosting because I own several blonde cats and my husband just adores them. The wedding cake topper is a glass sculpture of the temple we were married in. Also, our wedding colors were white and burgundy so the inside of the cake is actually red velvet.

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