Kitty Litter Cake

by McKinley
(Arlington, VA)

Dee with Kitty Litter Cake

Dee with Kitty Litter Cake

My best friend, who just turned 18, is an avid cat fan. I had heard about this "cake" a few months ago, but really had no reason to make it, until my friend came to visit me around Halloween, which is really an appropriate time to make this cake as it looks exactly as it is titled - like a pan of used kitty litter.

You are even supposed to use an actual cat litter pan and serve it using a litter scoop (both unused, of course). It took a bit longer to make than usual, but tasted GREAT.

It is a mixture of German Chocolate Cake and Vanilla cake, vanilla pudding and vanilla cookies. Some of the vanilla cookies you use food dye to make it look like the "crystals" in real litter.

You bake the cake in normal cake pans, make the pudding as usual,crumble up the cookies, and then transfer the mixture of all the ingredients to the litter pan. My friend was so surprised by the uniqueness of the cake, that she laughed until she cried.

The most unique thing about the cake is that you microwave tootsie rolls until they are warm enough to mold into the shape of cat poop, hilarious! You can find a more detailed recipe for this cake simply by typing into any web browser: Kitty Litter Cake.

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