Kids Love This Fruitcake

by A.J.
(Clarksville, Tennessee)

Fruitcakes have become almost a joke at the holidays. You are almost guaranteed to get at least one, yet most people claim not to like them.

This year I discovered that my kids love them! We got a package in the mail, a small box, and when I opened it I couldn’t help but to laugh. It was a fruitcake from my aunt. I personally don’t like them at all, it is very hard to come by a good tasting fruitcake, they are usually dry and stuffed with chewy, gummy things supposed to be some kind of fruit.

My kids, however, were excited to get any kind of cake. They are two years old and four years old. To them this strange cake was like a treasure hunt! They spent at least thirty minutes digging through the cake to find all the fruity treats, then ate every last crumb of the cake left over. This was a pleasant surprise to me, as I hate to waste any food.

I don’t know if the dislike for fruitcake in adults comes from the stigma or the flavor, but at least the kids are too young to know the history behind this famous holiday cake. They wanted more. This cake is easy to make and very cheap to buy this time of year too.

Now I have use for all those last minute gifts of cake and well meaning homemade concoctions we receive each year. I won’t tell them how strange it is too me that they love it. I’ll just let them love it and eat every last piece of fruitcake we get!

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