Jungle Cake

by Andrea
(North Dakota)

Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake

This cake was inspired by a combination of things on hand and happy accidents.

I wanted to make a cake for my son's second birthday. I planned to include some toy animals that he had and create a jungle scene.

At some point after I had crumb-coated the cake, my son found it and dug his little fingers into the side, ripping off a fair amount of cake! I was a little exasperated, since I didn't have time to bake and crumb-coat a new one.

I decided to cut off the portion he had mauled, and the result was a sloped side, perfect for a river/waterfall to run off. Melting the frosting in the microwave made it easier to spread without making a bigger crumby mess.

I used store-bought frosting and added gel food coloring to get the rich colors.

There you have it: a jungle cake with a river running through it.

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