Jungle Animal Cake

by Heather
(Olathe, KS)

Jungle Animal Cake Front And Back

Jungle Animal Cake Front And Back

My 4 year old son wanted jungle animals on his cake, with a very specific request- a happy leopard cat. So after finding the appropriately demeanored animal to put on top, as well as others that he picked, I then had to choose a cake layout that would hold them.

So, this cake started with a base 10" cake which was 2 layers. I stacked a 2-layer 6" cake to one side on top of that. The cake was devil's food with buttercream icing. I used leaf, grass, flat and writing tips for the various elements on the cake. All in all, a relatively easy cake to do, and he got exactly what he wanted, which was the most important part!

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