Julie's First Fancy Cake Effort

by Julie M.
(Plainville, NY)

Cake For 70th Birthday Retirement And Moving Celebration

Cake For 70th Birthday Retirement And Moving Celebration

My siblings and I are throwing a surprise 70th Birthday/Retirement/Moving celebration for our parents tomorrow night. I volunteered to make the cake even though I've never done anything fancier than kid-themed cakes before.

I took a couple of books out of the public library and surfed the net for a couple of days in order to learn what I could. I had a ball learning the basics of cake making/decorating and then cut myself off from the research so as not to become overwhelmed.

There were some anxious moments throughout several-day process, but, happily, nothing insurmountable. I am pleased with the result except for my noticeably crooked border pipings.

If it tastes good, perhaps I'll take the challenge on again. Any suggestions for symmetrical edges?

Thanks for letting me share my first-timer's pride.

Editor's Note: You did a great job, Julie. Maybe some of our readers can offer tips on the edges, but considering all the other lovely elements of this cake, they are a minor thing.

Please do stop back and let us know how it tasted!

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