Jerry Cake

by Srainbow

Jerry Cake

Jerry Cake

I'm happy to share my kid's birthday cake here. I made this cake for my son's 1st birthday.

His name is John. We call him as little john. His age is only 1, But he had fall in love of Jerry at his 6th month. No need to explain about the Jerry! Yes, that is Tom and Jerry!

He started to ask Jerry in toys, Jerry in dresses, Jerry in sweets, Jerry in games, Jerry in books, ... Now, Jerry in his birthday cake! I'm well experienced in baking various cakes. So, I plan to prepare a Jerry cake for my little john! It came from my kitchen as a perfect one! I have used many techniques like icing, cheese cream and small toffees to cover around the cake!

First, I took 16 eggs, 4 cup of wheat flour, baking powder 5 grams and cheese 2 table spoons. Mixed well with the help of mixer at low speed.

Second, I baked it on a butter paper covered big size cake tray.

Third, that is nice and important part on this preparation. I covered that cake with full of milk cream and condensed milk mixture.

Then, I bought two type of chocolates, one is light brown and another is dark. I melted them and made a paste. My husband helped me to draw the Jerry and I filled its body with that chocolate paste. and for its cheese part, I used a beaten cheese cream and green colored cream. The yellow colored parts are made by a cream which contains condensed milk, icing sugar, yellow food color and vanilla essence.

And another tasteful part is inside of its ears, I made a smooth paste with milk cream and strawberry essence. I bought some star-like candies for stars. and granulated some toffees for some more decoration.

Wow! I'm much proud about my cake! My son enjoyed its whole. Another important news is, he refused to cut it! Its a big problem making a great cake!

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