Jack O Lantern For Johnny

by Deby

My nephew Johnny was getting ready to have his sixth birthday and my sister-in-law was in the hospital, getting ready to give birth to Johnny's new, little sister.

I promised his mom that I would make the cake for his birthday party, which I also promised to preside over, since she was otherwise engaged (unavoidably).

Since his birthday is just before Halloween, I decided to make him a Jack-o-lantern cake. This was a trick I had learned when I was doing home parties for a popular plastics brand, and I never forgot it.

You need a medium sized, plastic bowl with a lid. Try to find a bowl that is more rounded on the bottom and pour in a large box of orange jello (mixed according to the directions on the box and ready to set).

After waiting about fifteen minutes place an Angel Food cake (pre-packaged is OK) upside down into the jello mixture.

The mixture should rise to almost the top of the bowl.

Place the lid on the bowl and put it in the fridge to continue to set.

Just before the party, take out about two cups from a large container of "Cool Whip" into a separate container and use green food coloring to make it a nice deep green.

Color the rest of the "Cool Whip" orange.

Turn out the "Cake" onto a platter or large plate and smooth the orange topping on like cake frosting.

Take a two inch piece off the tip of a banana and place it on top of the cake (like a stem) and "frost" it with some of the green "frosting."

The rest of the green can be used to make eyes, nose and mouth for the "Jack-o-lantern."

It was a great hit, and Johnny and his mom both talk about it to this day (he's twenty-eight now!)

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