Ivy Castle Cake

by Eileen M.
(Evanston, IL, USA)

Ivy Castle Cake

Ivy Castle Cake

My husband and I had a medieval-themed wedding, and were on a tight budget, so simplicity with a touch of elegance was what we were going for.

We focused on the quality of the cake itself, and chose an excellent local New Haven bakery, Marjolaine, which uses nothing but the freshest top-quality ingredients. They are on the pricier end of things, so to keep costs down we kept the design simple: a three layer cake, each layer a different flavor with different filling, and a butter cream frosting with ivy (a symbol of fidelity) painted in green food coloring. The topper we bought online, and it was personalized with white and blue silk flowers to match our colors.

The cake was sufficient to feed our circa 100 guests, and the bakery couples a small anniversary cake a year later so you don't need to save the top layer! (Not to mention... freezer burned cake? Yeech.)

I don't remember exactly how much the whole thing cost, unfortunately.

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