Italian Wedding Cake

There are as many unique kinds of Italian wedding cake as there are regions in Italy.


Traditionally, after a wedding, Italians exchanged bags of sugar-coated almonds instead of a cake. However, today that tradition has changed, and in the mother country, a custard-filled cake with fresh fruit is often served. 

In Italy, the emphasis is on freshness, ingredients selected at the height of their ripeness, and beauty. Unlike American wedding cakes, which can be very sugary and which emphasize the decorative over taste, they are delicious and beautiful. 

This recipe includes almond extract to represent the historical roots of the delightful confection, as well as fresh fruit. It also contains crushed pineapple, flaked coconut and chopped pecans. The icing is based on cream cheese. It bakes for 35 minutes and requires 19 ingredients. 

 This one also focuses on nuts, but this time, the pineapple is replaced with coconut. It it topped with a standard cream cheese frosting. It bakes for 25 to 35 minutes and contains 10 ingredients total.



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